Risks notification

1. Risk disclosure

1.1 Purpose of notice – disclosure by the Company to the Client of information about the risks associated with trading on financial markets and to warn the Client about possible financial losses associated with these risks. This notice may not disclose all information about all potential risks due to the variety of possible situations.

1.2 The Client should be aware that margin trading is a high risk activity.

1.3 The Client is not recommended to start trading if he does not understand the basic principles of margin trading, or he does not understand how to use the software for trading and monitoring trading operations.

2. The leverage effect

2.1 When making trade transactions, a relatively small change in the exchange rate of the instrument may have a significant impact on the state of the Client's trading account due to the effect of the leverage. When the market moves against the Client's position, it may incur a loss in the amount of the initial deposit and any additional funds deposited by it to maintain open positions. The client is fully responsible for recording all risks, using financial resources and selecting the appropriate trading strategy.

3. High volatility of instruments

3.1 A number of instruments have significant intraday ranges of price changes, which implies a high probability of receiving trading profits, as well as losses.

3.2 In periods of high market volatility, it is not always possible to execute a Client's trading order at the declared price. This is especially true in periods of rapid price movements or low market liquidity. The Client acknowledges that, under market conditions other than those not provided for in these documents, the processing time for client orders may increase.

4. Technical risk

4.1 Risks related to power failure, communication failure, failure on behalf of providers, failures of the mechanisms for providing quotes, etc.;

4.2 The Client assumes risks of financial losses due to failures of information, communication, electronic and other systems.

4.3 When executing trading operations through the client terminal, the Client assumes risks of financial losses which may arise in consequence:

- failures in hardware, software, and poor communication on the Client side;

- improper operation of Client equipment;

- wrong settings in the client terminal;

- late updates on client terminal.

4.4 the Client assumes all risks associated with incorrect use or non-use of cookies.

5. Trading platform

5.1 The Client acknowledges that the only reliable source of information about the quotation flow is the main server, servicing real Client. The quote base in the client terminal may not serve as a reliable source of information about the quotes flow, as in the case of unstable connection between client terminal and the server, part quotes from the quote flow may not reach the client terminal.

5.2 The Client acknowledges that closing the window of placing /modification /deletion of orders and the window opening/closing positions does not cancel the order or request, which went to the Company for processing.

5.3 The Client undertakes risks of unplanned trading operations in the case of re-sending an order to the moment information on the result of processing by the Company of its previous notice.

5.4 The Client acknowledges that the order for the simultaneous modification of the level of the pending order and levels Stop Loss and/or Take Profit, submitted for processing after the order has already been executed, will be processed only in the part of modifying levels Stop Loss and/or Take Profit orders of the open for this order position.

6. Force majeure

6.1 It is necessary to consider that the market can be very fickle during periods of world crises, terrorist acts, government resignations, global change of some economic indicators, natural disasters, etc.

6.2 The Client assumes risks of financial losses caused by force majeure.

6.3 The Client understands that force majeure can be attributed to the bans and restrictions established by the legislation.

6.4 The Client assumes financial and other risks in the case where the operations (and associated actions) on the financial markets is prohibited or restricted by the legislation of the country of residence of the Client.

7. Other risks

7.1 Financial instruments in general and online trading in particular are high-tech services. This provision may not describe all the risks associated with trade transactions. The Client must understand the complexity of the work and bear full responsibility for the study of financial tools and features of online trading, as well as to acquire sufficient practical experience before starting trading activities.

7.2 In the planning and conduct of operations associated with an increased risk, the Client should always remember that, in practice, positive and negative deviations of actual result from planned (or anticipated) often exist simultaneously and are implemented depending on a number of specific circumstances, the extent of which determines the efficiency of operations. Given this, the Company advises the Client to carefully consider whether the risks arising from the use of the Company's financial instruments that are acceptable given the goals and financial capabilities.

7.3 Financial products with leverage entails more risks for the Client's investments. High market volatility or a temporary lack of liquidity in the market can cause the loss of funds in excess of Client's Deposit.

7.4 The Client shall be fully liable for all risks and losses in case of a breach of any provision of the Agreement and its annexes.