Order execution policy


This order execution policy (the “Policy”) provides an overview of how Strato Finance Ltd. (”STRATO”) executes orders on behalf of clients, the factors that can affect the timing of execution and the way in which market volatility plays a part in handling orders when buying or selling a financial instrument.

This Policy applies to STRATO execution of orders on behalf of retail clients and professional clients according to the Rules, as defined below.

Upon acceptance of a client order and when there is no specific client instruction regarding the execution method, STARO will execute an order in accordance with this Policy.

This Policy is subject to STRATO General Business Terms and other business terms from time to time governing the relationship between the client and STRATO. Further information on order execution, including STRATO market making function, can be found in STRATO General Business Terms.

Our commitment

When dealing with clients, STRATO has a general duty to act honestly, fairly, professionally and in the best interest of the client. In relation to order execution, STRATO is required to take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result when executing client orders or when placing orders with, or transmitting orders to, other entities to execute.

Your agreement to this Policy

This Policy has been provided to help clients understand how STRATO executes client orders so that they can make an informed choice on whether to use STRATO services. You should ensure that you have read and understood its contents.

If you proceed to place an order with us, we will take that as your consent to STRATO executing that order in accordance with this Policy.